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Pellets, pellets, fuel granules of 6 mm
  • Pellets, pellets, fuel granules of 6 mm

Pellets, pellets, fuel granules of 6 mm

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Wood granules? pellets

Data of the last protocol of quality of 05.04.2016.

Humidity              of 6,7%, 
ash-content              of 0,7%,
mechanical firmness  of 97,5%,
volume density     is 681 kg / kub.m
sulfur                  of 0,007%,
heat of combustion       of 21,41 MDzh/kg


Most often pellets receive by processing of wood waste (opit, spill, the croaker, low-commodity wood, balance, kontsevik, a trimming and other) - 

  • In comparison with usual waste of a woodworking (spill, shaving) pellets differ in much higher energy content (spill? 850 kW of h/m3, pellets? 3150 kW of h/m3, diesel fuel? 10 000 kW of h/m3) also have uniform structure without any foreign inclusions.

  • Power consumption pellet makes about 5 kW/kg (pellet depends on quality? quality is better? it is more than heat? the expense is less), i.e. when burning 1 kg pelett 5 kW of thermal energy are allocated. When burning 1 ton of wood granules it is allocated as much to energy how many when burning 2,5m3 firewood, 480 cbm of gas, 500 liters diz. fuels or 700 liters of fuel oil.

  • In comparison with diesel fuel application of wood granules (pellet) allows to cut down expenses on fuel twice. Really, to replace 1 m3 of diesel fuel 2,1 t (3,2 m3) pellet will be required that at the prices existing for today already provides decrease in expenses on fuel approximately twice, and taking into account continuous increase in prices for diesel fuel this indicator will increase.

How to distinguish good pellets from bad?
Quality pellet depends on the applied sawdust, and on technology.

 The most important to observe "hygiene of sawdust". Sawdust should not fall to the ground. When cleaning from a floor, still sand, dust and the earth which damage pelletiruyushchy machines will surely get, and form slag when burning.


 For pellet there are standards, but without having laboratory it is possible to make "primary control" of quality:
? Color pellet has to be bright and a surface smooth, "glazed" that shows high quality of granulation
? Pellets should not break easily. Otherwise they will form dust.
? When lowering in glass with water of pellet has to drown and not inflate within at least 5 minutes.

The main
The producer - Own production
Country producer Ukraine
Type of solid fuel Pellets
Raw material Wood waste
Diameter 6.0 (mm)
Humidity 4.8 (%)
Ash-content 0.63 (%)
Content of sulfur 0.007 (%)
The specific heat of combustion - 20.424 (MDzh/kg)
Packing Big-beg
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2019
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